How to open a Pay4Fun account?

Rafinha Bastos, our ambassador, explains how easy it is to create your Pay4Fun account 

If you have doubts about how to create a Pay4Fun account, now your problems are definitely over! Rafinha Bastos, our new ambassador, will show you how easy it is to open your Pay4Fun account even if you know almost nothing about apps. 

But enough talking here. Watch Rafinha’s video and understand step by step how easy it is to open your Pay4Fun account: 


Pay4Fun gives access to more than 260 partner sites 

So, did you open your Pay4Fun account the way Rafinha explained? No? So, follow the steps below now and quickly create your Pay4Fun account: 

1 – Go to Google Play or Apple Store. Look for Pay4Fun and install the app; 

2 – Click on “I want to register” and enter your nickname. Here you can choose the name that best suits you; 

3 – Fill in the other fields: 

  • Name 
  • Email 
  • Password (with 8 characters, at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, one special character and a number); 

4 – Click on “I accept the terms and conditions” and next; 

5 – On the following screen, you must enter your CPF and date of birth; 

6 – Then you must enter the validation code sent to your email. If you entered your phone, you will receive an SMS; 

7 – Then enter the code you received in the indicated field; 

8 – Then, you will enter your zip code and complete your address; 

9 – The next step is to register your document. Take a photo of your ID or CNH. It is important to show all information on the photographed document such as full name, CPF or ID number; 

10 – You must take a selfie. Click submit information; 

11 – Now just wait for your registration to be analyzed by the Pay4Fun team. Don’t worry, because the team works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week both in the analysis of registrations and in customer support; 

12 – If you have any questions or difficulties during the process, you can contact Pay4Fun customer service through several channels such as: 

Done! Now just enjoy your Pay4Fun account 

You still don’t know Pay4Fun? 

Pay4Fun is an online payment platform that allows you to carry out transactions in a practical and safe way. 

We offer a state-of-the-art virtual wallet (e-wallet), where payments and transfers to accredited websites are carried out in a simple way and without bureaucracy. 

This is our mission: to facilitate the daily lives of consumers and merchants through a simple and intuitive platform, promoting differentiated service at all levels. 

Pay4Fun has more than 260 partner sites where you can make deposits and have a lot of fun. 

We also offer other amazing products and services like Pay4Fun Store, Pay4Fun Card, Pay4Fun App, Pay4Fun PIX. 

Come and discover everything that Pay4Fun offers. For sure, your day to day will get much more FUN! 

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