Rafinha Bastos is the new Pay4Fun ambassador

Rafinha’s presence brings more personality to the Pay4Fun brand 

A great name joins the Pay4Fun team: Rafinha Bastos is the new representative of our brand. Rafinha is a complete professional: comedian, journalist, entrepreneur, screenwriter, actor, YouTuber, and podcaster. He is one of the forerunners of stand-up comedy in Brazil and has already been selected by The New York Times as the most influential personality on Twitter. 

Rafinha also had a profession that many people don’t know. He was a basketball player from 1999 to 2001. Rafinha played center in the North American University League (NCAA) at Chadron State College and Brazil in Sogipa, Rio Grande do Sul. His height is 6.7ft. 

Rafinha talks about the partnership with Pay4Fun 

Asked how he analyzes the partnership with Pay4Fun and how he can contribute to the brand’s growth, Rafinha says: “It’s amazing for me to be part of this project. The market grows every day and, as I am involved with the sport, I’m sure I can contribute a lot. I’m enjoying being a Pay4Fun representative. In addition, Pay4Fun is the best payment solution for the gaming market, making money transfers much simpler and safer.” 

As Pay4Fun is a platform integrated into several sports betting websites, we asked Rafinha about which sports he would venture to make some bets: “I understand much more about basketball than I should… Because I dedicate too much time to the sport that I haven’t played in a long time (laughs). Fortunately, the betting market emerged, and now all my basketball knowledge can be worth it.” 

However, there is one sport that Rafinha would not risk betting on: “The sport that I have no clue about what is going on is women’s volleyball. I like to watch it, but I know almost nothing.” 

When asked about a memorable sporting moment that marked his life as an athlete or a fan, Rafinha says that “in 2000, my team in the Rio Grande do Sul was State Champion in the adult category. We were not prepared for that victory and participated in a national league with a very young team. We took Homeric beatings, but the victory against the main team in the State was unforgettable.” 

Pay4Fun is a Brazilian financial transaction company in constant growth  

Pay4Fun currently has 262 integrated partners, in addition to a wide range of products and services developed to make the experience of our customers and business partners even better. The Pay4Fun App, the Pay4Fun Card Mastercard, and the Pay4Fun Store are among them.  

In addition, the company also has social responsibility initiatives such as Pay4Smile, which contributes to fundamental causes in Brazilian society. 

Rafinha, welcome to the Pay4Fun team! We are sure that our partnership will be fantastic. Go Rafinha! Go Pay4Fun! 

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