Raffles Here and Pay4Fun: new integration

Pay4Fun customers get 50% off when purchasing tickets on Raffles Here 

An innovative partnership comes to the Pay4Fun team. Raffles Here is the world’s first licensed online raffle company. The company was licensed by Curaçao eGaming. 

The Raffles Here project emerged from a problem that we detected in the market. Many people do raffle tickets in Brazil inappropriately. Although many do not know it, this can cause some inconvenience both for those who carry out the raffles and for those who win”, says Jorge Sotirios Ghinis, Commercial Director of Development at the company. 

Raffles Here is the first company to work with raffle tickets within a very strong legal framework, having obtained the Curaçao license, one of the best in the world”, adds Jorge. 

The company will now start operating in Brazil and has plans to expand to Latin America and other countries. 

How does Raffles Here work? 

The purpose of the site is to offer prize opportunities to everyone, in a fun and safe way. Raffles Here has simple and easy-to-play games that allow its customers to win various prizes. 

Having fun on Raffles Here is very easy: 

  • Step 1: Choose the draw. The user must opt ​​for an active raffle; 
  • Step 2: Buy as many numbers as you want. The more numbers the user acquires, the more chances he has to win; 
  • Step 3: Make the payment; 
  • Step 4: Wait for the draw! 

The company also created Raffles Here Solidária, which supports important causes and counts on the help of customers in the formation of a large network of cooperation. 

Raffles Here offers: 

  • Credibility and security; 
  • Responsible Gaming Practices; 
  • Customer services; 
  • Flexibility and comfort. 

Participate in the Raffles Here and Pay4Fun promotion 

Pay4Fun customers can participate in a raffle that will give a prize of BRL 10,000.00 (ten thousand reais) at Raffles Here, with a 50% discount. To access the benefit, simply use the coupon Pay4fun50. 

The raffle works as follows: 1000 numbers will be made available, worth BRL 15.00 each, and the purchase of a number entitles you to a ticket to participate in the draw. 

Just choose the numbers you want, add to your cart and complete the purchase with payment. The Pay4Fun customer will already be participating in the Raffle. 

Important: each user can purchase a maximum of 20 tickets, due to our Responsible Gaming Policy. 

The duration of each draw will be up to 30 days and can be extended for another 30 days (totaling 60 days). 

In case of cancellation, all Users will have a refund of the total amount paid for the tickets within 10 working days after the cancellation of the draw. 

Any refund will be made by transferring it to the User’s account on the Pay4Fun platform. If the User does not have an account on the platform, it will be necessary to create one. 

Why did Raffles Here choose Pay4Fun? 

Some reasons were crucial for Raffles Here to partner with Pay4Fun: “Pay4Fun was, without a doubt, the best choice of payment method for Raffles Here. The company’s staff always served us very well and believed in our project. 

Therefore, we are very happy to have signed the partnership, as it will certainly add a lot to our operation. We thank the entire Pay team for being super attentive to us, clarifying our doubts and advising on the implementation. We are sure that it will be a union that will generate many victories and achievements”, concludes Ghinis. 

Raffles Here is in full expansion. Therefore, the company is open to new partnerships in raffles and also offering opportunities for affiliates. 

Get access to a different, simple and safe concept of entertainment. Deposit now at Raffles Here via Pay4Fun. Go Raffles Here! Go Pay4Fun! 

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