Pay4Smile: Pay4Fun is now a GRAACC partner company

For Pay4Fun, social responsibility is the lifeblood of the business

Every year, on April 8, World Cancer Day is celebrated, the date serves to make people aware of the possible precautions to prevent one of the diseases that kills the most in the world. A day to remind the population of the importance of always consulting doctors and paying attention to health; created by the World Health Organization (WHO) with the goal that people from all over the world remember prevention and the patients who fight against this disease daily.

Pay4Fun, through its Pay4Smile social responsibility initiative, has just entered a partnership with GRAACC, to support its excellent work in the care and treatment of childhood cancer.

GRAACC is a non-profit institution, maintained mainly through donations from individuals and partner companies, which does a great job in combating and treating childhood cancer.

Leonardo Baptista, Pay4Fun’s CEO, comments on the news: “Pay4Fun believes that social responsibility is the lifeblood of the business. That is why we chose to act as a GRAACC partner company. This association represents a new step by Pay4Fun towards giving back to the community all the affection received from our customers and the success achieved so far.”

Learn more about everything that GRAACC does

GRAACC was created in 1991, in São Paulo, Brazil. Initially, the institution served in a home. Patients received assistance, returning to their homes on the same day.

More than 90% of the resources that GRAACC has, comes from donations from individuals. This occurs through actions and events that the institution promotes every year. In this way, the GRAACC hospital can raise funds for the maintenance of its structure.

In 1998, the institution opened a hospital, the Pediatric Oncology Institute – IOP, a unit managed by GRAACC with a technical-scientific partnership with Unifesp – Federal University of São Paulo. Currently, GRAACC has two buildings in an area of ​​8,400 m2.

Today, GRAACC is a reference center in the treatment of childhood and juvenile cancer, serving children and adolescents from all over Brazil. From the equipment to the medical team, the patient who passes through the GRAACC Hospital has the latest technology and an excellent infrastructure at their disposal.

Almost 7 thousand children and adolescents have already been assisted by GRAACC, which specializes in overly complex cases, such as tumors of the central nervous system, bone, leukemia, and other neoplasms that need transplantation.

The hospital receives, on average, more than 400 new patients with overly complex cancer.

With Pay4Fun you can have fun and help those in need

Pay4Fun is a virtual wallet that is in full expansion. The company brings to the Brazilian market a safe and agile service and has been supplying the demand of an audience not served by the services of traditional banks.

Pay4Fun also offers its customers the Pay4Fun Card – MasterCard. With the Pay4Fun prepaid card it is possible to make purchases at any commercial establishment, in addition to moving money between different Pay4Fun accounts and partner websites.

Help GRAACC maintain its exemplary work in the care and treatment of childhood cancer. Pay4Fun will not stop here, to make it easier, soon this help will be available through our website. Go GRAAC! GO Pay4Fun!

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