Pay4Fun opens its new headquarters

As the company grows, the offices will be expanded

On August 18, Pay4Fun opens its new headquarters in São Paulo. Due to the accelerated growth of the operation, the fintech of financial products authorized by the Central Bank of Brazil, also needed to expand its facilities.

Currently, the company has 84 employees and continues to hire new talent. A large part of the team is based in São Paulo, capital, but also has the support of employees in other states of Brazil such as Ceará, Paraná, Belo Horizonte and others.

“It is a great pride to join our team at the opening of Pay4Fun’s new headquarters. Our business has expanded significantly and the reflection is the increase in our house. We go ahead, always with a lot of work and dedication”, says the CEO of Pay4Fun, Leonardo Baptista.

What will Pay4Fun’s new office look like?

Pay4Fun’s CTO, Henrique Costa, talks a little about the concept of the new facilities: “We will have a very relaxed, innovative, modern and also efficient environment. This balance between being “fun” but not childish is very important. We will have three more meeting rooms, a decompression area that will be widely used by the HR team in their internal campaigns and many other novelties. We will have a space for Happy Hours and other celebrations. (…) a collaborative environment, with areas of greater interaction and reception, following the “OpenSpace” concept.

In addition, we will have our visual identity, TVs with informative content and a panel with our achievements and awards spread throughout the office. We want people to feel good and happy in Pay’s office, being a small “extension” of their homes”, he concludes.

Because the Pay4Fun house has grown

In addition to the development of various products and services, Pay4Fun has two very significant events in its trajectory this year.

Pay4Fun became the first payment institution operating in the betting segment to receive authorization from the Central Bank of Brazil.

In addition, the company concluded a new round of investments with the support of FGo Advisors. With this, Appleton Capital, a European investment management company focused on private equity and high potential companies, became the second European shareholder to join Pay4Fun.

We continue with a lot of energy, with all excellence and commitment to our employees, business partners and end customers. Go Pay4Fun!

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