Flixit: understand how this amazing game works

Bet on Flixit using your Pay4Fun account

Flixit is a different bookmaker that is winning over Pay4Fun customers. If you haven’t tried it yet, get to know this sensational game better and earn much more through Flixit, which works both on the web and through its Android app.

Flixit is a game that provides a very simple way to win any amount you decide whenever you want. If you want to win the value of a beer, the bet can be very small. If you want to earn the value of your rental or a new mobile, the bet will be higher.  All you need to do is correctly predict a number between 0 and 200. You can enter up to 10 numbers into your prediction.

When you request a draw, the lottery immediately draws 1 main number + 20 secondary numbers. If you correctly predict the 1 main number, you get the amount you wanted. For every 1 of the 20 secondary numbers you correctly predict, you win 2 times the bet on that number.

Take this simple example: you want to win 1000 BRL and bet on 3 numbers. Let’s say you have chosen numbers 48, 98 and 198.

Each number will cost (1000*1.5%), i.e. 15 BRL. The lottery draws and the winning numbers are 198 + 10, 20, 30, 40, 48, 60, 70, 80, 98, 110, etc.

You will win 1000 BRL for correctly predicting 198, 2×15 BRL for correctly predicting 48, and 2×15 BRL for correctly predicting 98. In this way, you would immediately win a total of 1060 BRL.

On top of this for every 5 BRL you spend, you get a free ticket for the JACKPOT draw. The Jackpot is 5 million BRL! This draw takes place separately at a later stage.

See how easy it is? Don’t wait any longer to have so much fun on Flixit!

Discover even more advantages of Flixit

Flixit has its own betting model and this ends up benefiting the player for several reasons:

  • It’s a very simple game: the player must just choose a number between 0 and 200.
  • The probability of winning is extremely high: 1:9.5
  • The player decides his own prize and bet. It will always be 1.5% of the desired prize amount.
  • Players can play as many times as they want, whenever they want. The draw is immediate.
  • With every bet placed, the player earns tickets for the Million Jackpot draw.

Recruit other players and earn even more on Flixit

The Flixit player also has a unique opportunity to earn even more by recruiting other players.

Flixit provides a quick and easy way to send invitations to friends and contacts. The invitation includes a link as well as a QR code. For each recruited player, the recruiting player receives the following:

  • Whenever the new player wins, the recruiting player immediately gets the winning bets.
  • For every Jackpot ticket that the recruited player receives, the recruiting player receives the same number of Jackpot tickets, free of charge.

So you can earn a lot of money recruiting players, too!

Use Pay4Fun to bet on Flixit and have fun!

Currently, Flixit draws 24 numbers instead of 20. This means that the game currently offers an 80% payout and 1:8.0 winning chances. 

In this way, Flixit is generating even more winners! Register at www.Flixit.com, make your deposit now using Pay4Fun and have fun with this sensational game.

Pay4Fun is the best digital wallet on the market. Through Pay4Fun the player can access Flixit in a safe, fast and functional way. Pay4Fun is Brasilian and excels in using high technology, combined with excellent customer service.

Flixit and Pay4Fun is the perfect partnership for you to win and have a lot of excitement!

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