Camila Caresi is the new executive of Pay4Fun

The risk and compliance director has extensive experience in the area

A great professional in ​​compliance is now part of the Pay4Fun team. Camila Caresi is a specialist in ​​risks and compliance and has extensive experience in major players in the financial market in the country.

Camila has more than 22 years of career and has actively participated in transformation and innovation projects in the areas of corporate governance, risk management, internal controls, internal audit, and compliance.

Passionate about leading and connecting people, hiring this professional represents a big step for Pay4Fun. To mark this moment, we talked to Camila about her projects and expectations regarding her work at Fintech 100% Brazilian, which has grown sharply in a short period of 4 years of existence.

Tell us a little about how you started your work in ​​compliance in financial institutions?

I started my career in 2004 at a Financial Institution and, over the years, I acquired a lot of knowledge of the financial sector and built my professional trajectory in the areas of Risk and Internal Audit.

In 2019, already professionally consolidated, I was the protagonist and challenged myself to know a risk vision that I had not yet experienced: Compliance! I assumed the Superintendence of Regulatory Compliance and Reputational Risk of the same Institution and pioneered this very interesting and broad world that is Compliance.

The desire to learn about new businesses brought me to Pay4Fun, where I can contribute with all my experience and knowledge to improve the controls and diligence environment, not only for the company, but for the entire financial ecosystem.

Broadly speaking, what exactly is the role of a Risk and Compliance Executive?

The Risk and Compliance Executive’s main role is to ensure that all the organization’s procedures, as well as all regulatory guidelines relevant to the business, are complied with and that all risks are mapped and effectively controlled.

In practice, the Risk and Compliance Executive is responsible for ensuring corporate governance, promoting and monitoring the culture and ethical conduct of all employees, partners and customers, in addition to creating and implementing a Compliance program, ensuring the effectiveness of preventive controls and certifying that all company operations comply with internal policies and regulatory requirements.

I like to say that, together with my entire team, I am the guardian of the good conduct and reputation of the company and employees, ensuring that we are not exposed or susceptible to risks linked to lack of ethics and integrity, corruption, financial crimes such as Money Laundering, failure of processes, or any breach of obligations that are applicable to a regulated Payment Institution.

Given the accelerated growth of Pay4Fun and authorization of the company by the Central Bank of Brazil, what is the action of the compliance area in the dynamics of the company?

Compliance plays a fundamental role in this new phase of Pay4Fun, after all, it is our role to mediate new business and, at the same time, ensure social responsibility, integrity and ethical and sustainable growth of the Institution.

Our area is and will be the great ally of the top management and all the company’s employees, guiding, training and acculturating about good conduct and the guidelines to be followed in terms of risk management, governance, relationship with customers and partners, diligence in the business and professional performance of each employee, in the relationship with the Regulator, with competitors and other stakeholders.

Independently, but with a lot of partnership, we will continue to value diligence, protection of our managers and shareholders, with a focus on the customer and business leverage, ensuring that we do the right thing and preserving the good image of our Institution.

What prospects do you project for Pay4Fun in the coming years?

I project an ethical, solid and sustainable growth, with a lot of appetite to expand business, a lot of diligence, fulfilling our obligations as a regulated institution and contributing positively to our sector of activity.

Get to know Pay4Fun’s work closely

In addition to the development of several products and services, the company has two very significant events in its trajectory this year.

Pay4Fun became the first payment institution operating in the online entertainment segment to receive authorization from the Central Bank of Brazil.

In addition, the company received a new round of investments with the support of FGo Advisors. In this way, Appleton Capital, a European investment management company, focused on private equity and high potential companies, became the second European shareholder to join Pay4Fun.

Welcome, Camila Caresi. Certainly, your arrival is an important event in our organization. Go Camila! Go Pay4Fun!

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