Spectre.ai and Pay4Fun: new integration

Enter the trading market using Pay4Fun

Another incredible partnership has arrived for you, Pay4Fun customer. It is now possible to access the Spectre world through your Pay4Fun account. Spectre.ai is a platform that allows you to operate in which direction currency pairs, commodities, stocks and other assets will go, in order to obtain financial gains, without the need for a broker.

Spectre.ai allows users to trade on a high frequency with low risk in the financial markets. Using state-of-the-art technology and crowdsourcing, Spectre.ai compares traders with an embedded liquidity pool or other traders on the Spectre platform. 24-hour liquidity and zero fraud are guaranteed in this unique business model.

Spectre offers traders the possibility of gaining up to 100% of returns (average of 73%) ROI in just one trade, in minutes. Unlike traditional brokerages, Spectre has global audit technology, which means unparalleled transparency in its clients’ transactions.

Spectre has many options, transparency and security

Among the most diverse assets, through Spectre it is possible to trade all the major currencies in the world, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies, EPICs and Reverse Futures.

Traders have the possibility to choose the option “off-site trading account” to see how it works, without the need to deposit directly with Spectre. The Spectre liquidity pool (balance sheet) belongs to platform users, who receive rewards based on the volume traded at Spectre, and not for centralized management.

Spectre uses blockchain security technology, which is nothing more than a globally distributed accounting record that makes use of thousands of decentralized servers worldwide to audit and confirm transactions.

From simple money transfers to the results of complex smart contracts like processing trades, blockchain is free from human intervention and by far the safest way to confirm transactions today.

At Spectre, the trader can use blockchain as a way to fund his centralized trading account, or as a way to trade without having to make a deposit, using publicly available smart contracts.

Best of all, to start exploring the world of Spectre, you only need USD 10,00.

Pay4Fun innovates every day

Pay4Fun does not stop bringing news to Brazilian consumers. From now on, you can also use Pay4Fun to move funds on Spectre quickly and safely.

Pay4Fun is a Fintech that has grown a lot in recent years. Our evolution is solid because the safety of our customers is a priority in all products and partnerships that we develop.

In addition to investing heavily in cutting-edge technologies, Pay4Fun focuses on individualized and humane service for its customers and business partners. Come to Spectre.ai and become a trader.

Go Spectre! Go Pay4Fun!

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